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Ann  Reed
Music Teacher
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What a blessing to be Music Teacher for Franklinville Elementary School! It is great to be teaching where there is so much community involvement.  I'm sure this will make our young people future leaders we can be proud of.

I've been teaching in California, Alaska and Hawaii since 1986.  I grew up in Homer, Alaska, featured on Discovery TV's Last Frontier.  After graduating from University of British Columbia and University of Alaska I was professional musician and an Equity music theater producer in Vancouver, British Columbia until being small town folks led us back to Homer where we raised our four children.  Cold weather and long dark winters have enticed us to North Carolina where we truly feel at home.

Experiencing children singing and playing music are an inspiration, especially when students are learning about math, science, social studies and literature at the same time they are learning about music!  We do all sorts of fun things in class and would love for you to visit some time, especially if you have a talent to share with the class. 

Please feel free to call me at the school or email is great at