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Parent Resources

"Figure This!"

If you're looking for a math challenge that you can work on together as a family, then this site might be fun for you. There are 80 math challenges that students can choose from. Many are open-ended, so they keep your child thinking. These challenges promote working together as a family. There is a parent section where you can print the challenges and the website offers hints and related problems.
One example is: How fast does your heart beat? How long would it take for your heart to beat 1000 times? 1,000,000 times?



"Splash Math"

Splash math is a free site where students can use games to practice skills that they need to become more fluent with. The curriculum link takes you to grade level appropriate games that are aligned to the math standards. You are also able to access games to practice skills below or above your child's grade level.



"Greg Tang Math"

This site was developed by Greg Tang, a mathematician who focuses on improving fluency. This site has several of the books he has written available to view and read for free as an e-book. The site also has several games that can help students improve their fact fluency.



"Bedtime Math"

This site offers a different short nightly math activity for parents and children each day! There is an interesting article that students/ parents can read together and there are three levels of quick math questions to answer that are related to the article. This site also has links to free apps and other math games for kids. A great way to "talk and read math" with your family!



"Thinking Blocks"

At the Thinking Blocks site students are given the opportunity to create models to solve word problems. So often, students struggle with knowing which operation to use in word problems. This site can help students see the model and guides them step-by-step with prompts at the bottom. There is a read-aloud option for students as well. Students can use this site to practice creating models for addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and decimals.



NCTM Illuminations Interactives

On this site students can use interactive tools to aid them in completing their homework or in creating models to help them solve problems. Click on interactives and then you can sort by grade level or search for interactives using key words.



"Prodigy Math"

On this site students can login to play math games that are related to the content they are learning about in each grade level. Students earn points and can play against other players in the school. This site is an engaging site that offers skills practice for students.