School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Team Members:

Administration: Mrs. Sheron, Mrs. Rowland
K-Mrs. Harris, 1st-Mrs. Snotherly, 2nd-Mrs. Trogdon,
3rd-Mrs.Moon, 4th-Ms. Plummer, 5th-Mrs. Bridgeman
Lead Teacher: Mrs. Bernhardt
Instructional Support: Mrs. Meadows
EC Rep: Mrs. Lanham
Reading Rep: Mrs. Parsons
Classified Rep: Mrs. Craven
Parent Rep: Caroline Wright


Our School Improvement Teams are open to the public:

February 2nd at 3:15

March 2nd at 3:15

April 6th at 3:15

May 4nd at 3:15


You can view our school improvement plan by clicking on the link below.

Franklinville School Improvement Plan

Franklinville Elementary School's low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 2020-2021 school year.